Veteran Rescues American Flag Being Flown UNDER Mexican Flag
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In Reno, Nevade, the local news got wind of a business that was flying the Mexican flag over top of the American flag, which is illegal under flag etiquette laws, although of course the Federal Government can pass no law on the subject which the Supreme Court is bound to respect.

Flag of Mexico Flown Illegally Over Reno Business Greg Knight, News 4

On Monday afternoon we received a call from a KRNV News 4 viewer who said a business near downtown Reno was flying a Mexican flag above an American flag... which is in fact illegal.

To read the relevant Federal law, please click here.

This, after photos and comments about the flag were posted on Craigslist this morning. When we were able to have a photographer go and check everything out we found the story to be true.

It also didn t take long before the situation provoked a strong reaction. If you click on the video link in this story we will show you , unedited, what happened.

Click on the video to see what our photographer caught live to tape.

If you go here, you can see the video, by going through their "check the video you want to watch" procedure, and you'll see an American hauling down the two flags, cutting the flag off the lanyards with a Ka-Bar knife, dropping the Mexican flag on the street, and folding the American flag, which he was taking away with him.

He was challenging anyone who might want the flag back, (presumably the property of the business owners) to come and take it back, if they wanted to, and were willing to fight for it.

You probably need to watch this video. You especially need to watch it if you live inside the Beltway, and you've been supporting Hispanic immigration, because you may not realize how mad people are getting in Americaland.

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