A Young Illinois Reader Asks If Ann Coulter Gets It About LEGAL Immigration; We Reassure Him
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s blog item Ann Coulter's Brilliant CPAC Speech On Immigration Sparks Presidential Talk...

 From: A Young Illinois Reader [Send Him Mail]

Good for Ms. Coulter for talking sense about amnesty to the slick operators of the Beltway Right.

Still, her comment that she is "now a single-issue voter against amnesty" raises the question—what happens if we defeat amnesty? What happens if we win this one?

It would be a great mistake to frame amnesty, as such, as the decisive issue. As egregious as the prospect of rewarding millions of foreign criminals is, and as blatant as the political and financial motivations of the ruling class are, amnesty is just a single aspect of the holistic National Question.

Ultimately, an effective restrictionist movement must be able to point out that legal mass Third World immigration has the same downsides as illegal mass Third World immigration. It needs to explain that the nation is an organic social body rather than an ideological proposition in convenient conformity with the requirements of the latest silver-tongued hack on the make. It needs to articulate a population policy that will preserve the land- and resource-abundance of the country and keep it clean and livable.

It would be a hollow victory for Republicans to defeat amnesty without cultivating a more comprehensive outlook.

The Treason Lobby would need a few more years to dissolve the nation. The Cheap Labor Lobby would need to seek new legal means to flood the labor market. But the end result would be the same.

And through it all the GOP would limp along, maintaining just enough credibility with immigration patriots to prevent the emergence of a more effective party.

Indeed, this outcome might be as disastrous as the outright passage of amnesty. At least in the latter case the disaster would be immediate and obvious, and we would know where we stood with respect to  a hopeless party and a Hapsburgian state.

So, congratulations to Ann Coulter for taking a stand...but let's remember that the "single issue" here is not amnesty—but rather the National Question itself.

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James Fulford replies: Our reader isn’t the only one to ask if Ann Coulter (see her website) really gets it about immigration—John Derbyshire asked the same thing—and it’s always worth asking, but the answers are extremely satisfactory. See Derbyshire’s  Coulter-Paul Follow-Ups: Ann Coulter Gets It On Legal Immigration, and the list of Ann Coulter immigration columns  I provided for Lawrence Auster (who thought there were only two.)

On the Kudlow Report two years ago, Ann Coulter said

No more immigration, legal or otherwise, of low-wage workers.  We'll have high-school kids working . . . We'll have people who have never worked before.

So, yes, Ann Coulter definitely gets it.

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