A Reader Suspects Immigrant Convict Ingmar Guandique Of Innocence In The Chandra Levy Case
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Re: Brenda Walker's Blog post DC Mayor Officially Makes Capital a Sanctuary City

From: Jake Prufrock [Email him]

Brenda Walker wrote

"Washington has had its share of preventable crime. When I think of Washington DC illegal alien violence, Chandra Levy comes to mind. She was murdered by a previously arrested illegal alien who was not deported, one Ingmar Guandique, a nasty piece of work. The case got loads of tabloidesque media coverage because Chandra was having an affair with despicable Congressman Gary Condit who acted guilty as hell. But the truth was found to be far less appealing by the press which paid little attention to Guandique’s murder trial, guilty verdict and sentencing to sixty years in prison."

It is unlikely that Ingmar Guandique murdered Chandra Levy. (I would be happy to debate the case publicly with Ms. Walker, as, along with being a former attorney, with a relevant background in psychology, inter alia, I am fairly well versed in the facts of the Levy case, as I have been since it first hit the national headlines, in the spring of 2001....)

Regardless of whether Señor Guandique was Ms. Levy's assailant or not, however, Ms. Walker is quite incorrect in claiming that Levy "was murdered by a previously arrested illegal alien who was not deported, one Ingmar Guandique, a nasty piece of work." Guandique, whether "a nasty piece of work" or not, was first arrested— for a petty burglary, which (temporarily) netted him one ring, and from which he fled immediately when the tenant returned home and interrupted him, only to be apprehended nearby, in short order—several days after Ms. Levy disappeared. There was, therefore, no chance to have deported him prior to her disappearance, as claimed by Ms. Walker, since the authorities had no knowledge of his presence in this country until his arrest on that first occasion. He subsequently mugged two women— one on May 14 and one on July 1, 2001— and he has been in federal custody ever since being apprehended for the second mugging, about forty-five minutes after the fact. (In none of those three cases, by the way, did he physically harm his three female victims, although he had a potential weapon— a screwdriver— in the first instance, and a knife in both muggings.)

I am against illegal immigration— indeed, mass immigration altogether— but that does not mean that all illegal immigrants are psychopaths, nor that anyone, including illegal immigrants, should be convicted on such specious evidentiary grounds as Ingmar Guandique was last year for the supposed sexual assault, robbery and murder of Chandra Levy, on May Day 2001.

James Fulford writes: The case for innocence is made here.  Reasonable doubt in the Chandra Levy case | How reliable is the conviction of Ingmar Guandique for the 2001 murder, when the key evidence is a disputed prison confession? By Stewart J Lawrence, The Guardian,  November 26, 2010. Those inclined to take  at face value the protestations about Guandique's harmlessness in the Guardian story should read the Washington Post's story Who Killed Chandra Levy? CHAPTER SIX:The Predator in the Park, July 18, 2008.

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