A White Southerner Protests That It's Not Only Blacks Who Don't Like Cops
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Re: Pat Buchanan's article What The Obama/Holder/de Blasio War On Cops Has Wrought

From: A Southern Reader [Email him]

Don't ever think that blacks have cornered the market on hatred of police I hate them as much as any black in metro St. Louis. I am pigmentally and culturally as white as anyone,

Why the hatred? Police no longer protect and serve. They concentrate on robbing the populace.

Don't believe me? Okay; report a burglary of your house. Your grief will evoke a yawn.

They'll make no effort to investigate. They'll write a brief report for your insurance company. No door to door canvas of your neighbors will follow.

Then drive down the road with your seat belt unbuckled. They'll call out a SWAT team if that's what it takes to stop you and write you a ticket.

Ever wonder why the BAC level to convict for DUI in most states is only .08 when it used to be .16?

Not to protect us from drunk drivers but to raise money. According the National Transportation Safety Board the average drunk who causes a fatal wreck has a BAC of .18, yet this same bunch of nanny state feds advocates lowering the BAC conviction level to .05

And it's becoming commonplace for police to confiscate money from drivers who have large amounts of cash in their cars. They just claim you might be dealing drugs and confiscate your money with no proof of any crime. It’s called "civil asset forfeiture” There’s nothing civil about it and the thugs in uniform who participate in this legalized theft don’t deserve our sympathy.

James Fulford writes: What the reader is talking about is what’s called “anarcho-tyranny”—the condition in which the police won’t let you have a gun, but can’t or won’t stop criminals from carrying and using guns. However, no matter how much we may despise overbearing, timeserving police who won’t do their duty, and insist on interfering with our lives, we don’t hate them as much as blacks hate all white cops. See Why Rednecks Don't Get Arrested As Much As Minorities, in which I explain that it’s not that the police are “racist” in targeting minorities, but that minorities are racist in their reaction to white cops.

Case in point—Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, who when questioned by a white policeman about why he was breaking into his house, didn’t say “I was locked out” but said, "Why, because I'm a black man in America?" and when Crowley said he was leaving Gate’s house, but if Gates wanted to continue the conversation, he could talk outside, Gates said "Yeah, I'll speak with your mama outside" and followed him onto the front porch shouting.

That's not a rational reaction, and in many of these cases, blacks are not complaining about injustice, but about justice.

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