A Reader Points Out The Good News About The Judiciary Committe
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Re: America’s Senator Jeff Sessions Opposes Obama’s ICE Nominee

From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

Jeff Sessions’s number one biggest ally David Vitter is back on the Judiciary Committee. [Senator vows to use judiciary post to block Obama's attorney general, By Catalina Camia, USA Today, December 15, 2014]

Vitter will win another landslide in 2015. Vitter's the biggest ticket. The Kentucky and Mississippi GOP is divided. The Louisiana GOP is united behind Vitter at the local and congress level.

Vitter also hates fake conservative Bobby Jindal.

Hopefully there is at least 2 or 3 votes against expanding legal immigration and guestworkers.

This will put pressure on others like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to abandon legal immigration as well.

Graham, Cornyn, Hatch and Flake are still there. But the problem was Jeff Sessions was alone. The bigger minorities or pluralities on issues they can create the better the immigration patriot agenda in congress will be

Also Jeff Sessions and David Vitter can push back against the bills that Goodlatte and Gowdy send to them, the same way Steve King almost singlehandedly derailed amnesty in the 113th congress.

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