A White Male Reader Thanks Us For Our Coverage Of Affirmative Action
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Re: Robert DeBrus’s article Are Disgruntled Minority Massacres The Price Of Affirmative Action?

From: An “Invisible Victim” Of Affirmative Action [Email him]

Robert DeBrus’s take on affirmative action is spot on, and I wish there were a way to do a thorough accounting of the complete cost of affirmative action and set-asides throughout the economy.

The cost to those who pay the price has to be massive, which includes everything from the cost of lost opportunities for the chosen victims, to the cost of inefficiency and dysfunction in the workplace, and the cost of poor performance and the legal and bureaucratic structures that keep the system in place. It's staggering, but it is also demoralizing to anyone who has seen the system work, or has been on the receiving end of such "social justice."

Thanks to DeBrus and VDARE.com for speaking out


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