A White Male Reader Explains Why He Doesn’t Commit Street Harassment
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From: Mike Mozart [Email him]

The recent pondering of the catcall video by various media creatures produced the usual nonsense... stupidity, idiocy, gibberish and white guilt all rolled into the typical racial hit piece.

When I walk down the street and see an attractive female, I do what I've always done, briefly cast an eye on her and silently admire her beauty. Show me a heterosexual man who doesn't, and I'll show you a blind man.

What I don't do is stare lewdly at her or make any type of comment.

Why is that? It certainly isn't because of a mindset of white privilege, that I have no need to exert my dominance through vulgar behavior because I've “marked my territory” long ago. Marked territory, the perceived domination of others and any sense of privilege has never entered my mind. So why do I not act out in a boorish way? What could it be?

As a white male who grew up with both parents in the house, I was certainly taught right from wrong, and there were consequences for going outside the norms of acceptable behavior, but catcalling and aggressiveness towards females is something done on the streets, away from family, and there are rarely, if ever, consequences for that kind of behavior.

So again, why do I act civilized with those I pass on the streets while others do not?

I don't do it because of class, and to all the media morons out there who jump on words such as class, that means class versus classlessness, the art of dignity and fairness. Not only isn't it right to use my physical stature to foist any sexual innuendos upon a female, it would be simply embarrassing to me. I'd feel like a classless idiot, and that's just what I'd be if I did that.

It's classless, it's wrong and I know it. I didn't have to be taught that. It's not a racial thing or a culture thing, it's a human being thing. Acting like an idiot is a personal decision, something that comes from inside us. It's not learned. Some of us have morals, possess the mindset of fairness and class and have the ability to feel shame and embarrassment, and some do not.

It's not about color. There's good people of all colors and lowlifes of all colors too. If you must bring a racial aspect forward, then make it about what group finds it acceptable and what group doesn't. Make it about what group of people are not ostracized by their own for thuggish behavior, which allows the idiots among them to flourish.

If I was walking with one of my friends and he acted in that manner, I would stop him cold and he wouldn't be a friend much longer.

Civilized versus anarchy. Maintaining a civilized society requires the good and decent people within it control and punish its miscreants. Poor, middle class or wealthy, it's all the same, all groups produce imbeciles, miscreants and lowlifes. Some groups control them and hand out consequences, and some groups do not.

Let's put the blame where it lies.

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