A White Hispanic Reader Writes On Immigration And The Energy Apocalypse
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From: Zachary Moitoza [email him]

How come you never argue that we need to end immigration on energy grounds?  We are running out of energy, and the recession will never end as a result.  Soon, we will be living like the Amish.  

We already have too many people, too many mouths to feed as it is.  Every calorie of food we eat is the result of ten calories of fossil fuels being burned.  Both economic growth and population growth must reverse.

Here's my proof about this.  Just listen to what the U.S. military has to say about it, we need to end these neocon resource wars. See The Guardian: US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015,  April 11, 2010.

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Zachary Moitoza describes himself as "white Hispanic, like Marco Rubio," I.E. his ancestors were  Portuguese, from the Azores, where people are white.

James Fulford writes: VDARE.com lacks expertise on the vexed question of


It's the kind of thing we try not to take sides on. What we do know for certain is that people in the Third World use less energy than people in America, and when you move people from the Third World to America, their carbon footprint goes up.

People frequently say Americans use a lot more resources than people in other countries. This is true, but it also applies to people who aren't Americans, but who are resident in America, such as a  Mexican  illegal alien in the US  driving a gas-guzzling Ford pickup.

We have, in fact, said this before—see here for examples, of which the most extensive is probably "Climate Change", "Population Change", And The Need For An Immigration Moratorium, by Steve Sailer.

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