A Reader Charges "An Economist" With Deceitfully Fueling the Fire
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06/05/06 - A Florida Reader Is Reported To The FBI For Criticizing Senator Arlen Specter

From:  [Name Withheld]

Re: "An Economist's" Column: George Will Can't Count: Deportation No Problema

Although "An Economist" is technically correct, it does little good to take a small section of Will's article out of context to act as fodder for your own purposes.

Will's column is thoughtful and should not be slammed willy-nilly to score points with emotional readers.

"An Economist's" column, however, does not further readers' understanding of illegal immigration, but instead, elicits only knee-jerk emotionalism.

Certainly, there are many solutions to the illegal immigrant problem such as keeping the money illegals try to send it back to their native countries if they don't have proper identification.

The biggest problem America faces is that citizens do not the will to deal with illegal immigration. I assume that the intent of his column is to stir them, but to do so with false and slanted work does nothing but create mindless reactions.

In the future, I would ask that "An Economist" puts more thoughtful consideration into analyzing his motives behind his columns before VDARE.COM posts them.

I do thank "An Economist," however, for directing me to George Will's excellent piece that I probably would never have read had he not pointed me to it.

"An Economist" replies: My intent was to reply to only one part of Mr. Will's article. Focusing on one Will error and demolishing that one particular claim is more effective than taking his entire text and dismantling it point by point.

Will favors amnesty for existing illegals and is trying to show that no alternative exists. He is wrong. Even a modest enforcement effort could remove almost all of the existing illegal population in a few years.

If "Name Withheld" is interested in how our laws could be enforced, I can provide a wealth of additional data. For a start see my previous column, "The Speech Bush Should Have Given"
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