A West Virginia Reader Says That Immigration Reform Patriots Will Miss Senator Robert Byrd
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From: Paul Herbert (e-mail him)

Re: Rob Sanchez's Blog: Obama Laments Kennedy, Doesn't Mention Byrd

To replace an anti-amnesty ally as strong as Senator Robert Byrd will be difficult.

 On one hand, he was known in Congress as the "King of Pork" and was not ashamed to use his leverage as the four time chairman of the Appropriations to funnel billions of federal funds into his home state of West Virginia. To Byrd, West Virginia residents needed all the help they could get.

But on a broader scale, Byrd understood the common good, a concept sorely lacking in President Barack Obama's White House.

Byrd knew that, in addition to rewarding law breakers, adding millions of poorly educated laborers did nothing for American workers.

To opponents of amnesties and increased numbers of non-immigrant work visas, however, Byrd was a breath of fresh air: a Democrat who compiled a solid career B+ immigration report card.

Herbert's previous letter about the recent upset in the West Virginia primary that ousted immigration enthusiast Allan Mollohan is here.



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