A Nevada Reader Says Obama Can't Help Harry Reid
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From: Carol Douglas (e-mail her)

In what has to be the best political news Sharron Angle has heard since she won the Nevada GOP Senate primary, President Barack Obama will campaign with her opponent and the incumbent Harry Reid on July 8 and 9. (Obama to Reprise Reid Rally, by Laura Meyers, Las Vegas Review-Journal, July 1, 2010)

In the last three months, every person Obama endorsed has lost.

Imagine the two people most responsible for America's mess and Nevada's immigration crisis touring the state and begging for votes among the 13 percent unemployed, the country's highest. Nevada also has one of the highest foreclosure rates and is teeming with unfinished housing and condo projects.

Of course, the Democrats will pull out all the stops and dredge up old stuff from Angle's past that she has since disavowed to embarrass her. The liberal, immigration loving New York Times is already hard at work at marginalizing Angle. [Nevada Challenger Lifted by Tea Party Ardor, by Jennifer Steinhauer, New York Times, June 10, 2010]

In the end, Reid will get his just reward: a sound defeat.

Joe Guzzardi comments: The Reid-Angle race is the country's most closely watched and the one with the most significance for the patriotic immigration reform community. Ousting Reid, the Senate majority leader and a champion of illegal alien amnesty, would send the strongest message yet to President Obama that Americans oppose his path to citizenship agenda. A recent poll has Angle leading Reid, 50-39.

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