A Colorado Reader Says To Shut Felipe Calderon Up, Deny Him A Forum
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From: Thomas York (e-mail him)

Re: Brenda Walker's Blog: Rep. Tom McClintock Smacks Down Presidente Calderon

I support Arizona's S.B.1070 without reservation and have urged my legislators to enact a similar law.

But I'm troubled by all the hand-wringing about Felipe Calderon's meddling.

Of course, Calderon is complaining—just like we do about laws in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and China.

The difference is that the U.S. provides Calderon with a forum, Congress, from which he can take his pot shots.

Can you imagine the Mexican Congress or the Iranian Parliament allowing President Barack Obama to lecture them foreign policy if he were a guest in their country?

The answer is to deny Calderon a platform. No more invitations to address Congress, at least none that aren't preceded by a strong warning similar to the one issued after the fact by McClintock not to mention immigration.

York is a retired real estate executive.

James Fulford writes: We at VDARE.com agree with you—during the previous Presidente's term in office, we published a column by Sam Francis titled Vicente Fox Should Be Arrested And Thrown Out Of U.S. For Good. Unfortunately, it's not up to us—these invitations are issued by Barack Hussein Obama and Nancy Pelosi. They like Calderon's message, to the point that people wondered if Calderon had used Obama's speechwriters.

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