A West Coast Reader Says Amy Chua Doesn't QUITE Get It About Homogeneous Societies
March 28, 2018, 09:49 AM
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Re: Anonymous Attorney's blog post “We Thought We Had It Licked”: Amy Chua Notes Tribalism Persisting in 2018

From: A West Coast Reader [Email him]

The always maddening Amy Chua was on CSPAN's Q & A show on March 25, discussing her latest book Political Tribes: Group Instinct And The Fate Of Nations.

The title is promising, and as usual Ms. Chua marshals all the important facts and then—at the last moment—draws the wrong conclusions. She is either blind to the final implications of the lack of group cohesion or, after dipping her toes in gently, recoils from them in order to remain at least partially in the good graces of the right thinking Culturally Orthodox.

After some dangerous and revolutionary talk about the benefits societies get from being homogeneous she rights that wrong by putting her hand over her heart and testifying to the fact that she is the descendant of immigrants—the contemporary equivalent of saluting Old Glory.

She then bewails the fact that our country is so polarized that we are unable to have a conversation about immigration, an assertion that will be puzzling to VDARE readers who have been having just such a conversation for years and years. She then stands up straight and insists that regarding immigration there must be rules (thanks!).

But then she has stern words for our side and says that we should not be so concerned about the color of the immigrants, that we should "open our hearts". I confess it was then that she lost me for when I hear the words “open your heart” I hear “open your borders.” It's a shame, though. The woman has focused with precision of the paramount issue or our time and has thus made it to the precipice of the Promised Land—would that the lady would enter!

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