A Dissatisfied Reader Writes A Hateful, Obscene, And Even Racist Letter To Let Us Know How Virtuous He Is.
March 23, 2018, 08:05 PM
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Re: Lance Welton's article Meet Australian Aborigines–They Make African Americans Look Like A Model Minority

From: Deschutes Maple [Email him]

Just a quick note to let Lance Welton know he is an arrogant, racist sack of sh*t.  His article oozes with smug, complacent arrogance. Will he be writing some more articles on eugenics soon? Maybe on how Native Americans are f***ing idiots who should be grateful that his European ancestors came and killed most of them off and took all their land, leaving them on reservations (often with the worst quality land)? Or, how about another Hitlerite eugenics article on how Afro-Americans are stupid fucking n*****rs who should be thankful they were packed into merchant ships and sold into slavery?  Do it man!

F*** you very much.

James Fulford writes: Here at VDARE.com we insist on having better manners than those implied—and practiced—by the writer. However, we are not afraid to talk about eugenics, and refuse to be guilted by either American Indians, or people who can't shut up about African slavery in America.