A Washington State Readers Catches The New York Times Slurring Americans
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From: Robin Corkery (e-mail him)

The New York Times recently carried a picture of a "wrestling match" of the type popular among Mexicans in the U.S.

The photo included this caption:

"The tour featured La Legion Extranjera, the Foreign Legion, whose members are gringos who openly disparage the spectators"

There were no quotation marks around gringos.  Can anyone imagine the Times using the word "wetback" or "greaser" to describe Mexicans? 

And how about this? The story quotes Hugo Navarro, a spectator: "It's good for the Mexican people"

Another fan says: "It's good to see the children who look up to them (the Mexican wrestlers who defeat the American villains) because they're role models." [In Colorful Bouts, Hint of Deeper Struggle, by Michael Brick, New York Times, May 9, 2009]

Corkery is a Notre Dame alumnus who served in the U.S. Marines. He became an officer of a New York Stock Exchange member firm since swallowed up that, according to him, "long ago became lost in the dismal swamp of political correctness."

Read Corkery's classic letter about the nonsensical phrase "in the shadows" here; his other letters are archived here

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