A Washington State Reader Writes On The Surprisingly Low IQ Scores Of Sudanese Immigrants
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Re: James Fulford’s article The Rest Of The Drew Fraser Story—Sudanese Refugees ARE Crime-Prone

From: A Washington State Reader [Send him mail]

Thanks to James Fulford for his VDARE.com overview of the South Sudanese problem in Australia.

There is one element that he doesn’t mention which may partly explain the crime-prone issue and would predict that these people can never integrate: intelligence. While the average general intelligence of the Australians is close to 100, the South Sudanese test at only about 57—four deciles lower, among the lowest of all nations.

See the recent chart by German researcher David Becker:

World's IQ, ResearchGate.net

How can Sudanese possibly compete in classrooms or in the marketplace with white Australians? Resentment against whites and unsocial behavior are sure to ensue, just as they have in America all along among racial groups that feel intellectually inferior, most recently with the BLM rants against so-called white privilege.

James Fulford writes: I’m a journalist, not a scientist, so I don’t know how to evaluate Becker’s estimate which is surprisingly—shockingly—low. I know that   Lynn and Vanhanen’s estimate  for Sudan was 71, and even  people who think of them as racists are only willing to raise it to about 82, which is lower than that of American blacks.

If it's true that the average IQ in Sudan is 57, then immigration to the West is a bad idea for both the Sudanese themselves, and any country that may be thinking of receiving them.



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