A California Reader Reminds Us That The Air Force Hate Hoax School Is For Affirmative Action Cases
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Re: Paul Kersey's blog post “You Need To Get Out”–Air Force Academy Head Jay Silveria DOESN’T CARE That A Black Wrote The Bad Words

From: Steve Smith [Email him]

It gets better; the Air Force Academy Prep School is a  special prep school for minorities—but they can’t say that (it would be racist).

"The prep school is separate from the academy and helps promising students meet the academy's entrance requirements."

Air Force Academy Prep School: Black cadet admitted to writing racist remarks on dorm doors, by Robert Garrison, The Denver Channel, November 7, 2017

James Fulford writes: “Promising students” means, in fact, students who are not promising, but have somehow got an appointment to the Academy that they don’t have the education or intelligence to attend. See  Steve Sailer's “The Military Prep School Scam”–The Armed Forces Use Prep Schools To Get Unqualified Athletes Into Service Academies.

There's the whole Affirmative Action thing, but there's a big part of it that's athletic recruiting. Some of these students will never fly jets, but they can run patterns on the football field. [The Military Prep School Scam, by Joe Nocera, NYT, April 8, 2013]





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