A Washington State Reader, Italian-American and Lt. Col, Armor, USAR (Ret.) Remembers His Father, A World War II Hero
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Brian Cavallo [e-mail him]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Italian-American Readers, Marines Give Gen. Peter Pace A Piece Of Their Mind

Since my grandparent's immigrated legally to the United States in 1916, I'm as irate as any of your VDARE.COM correspondents about Gen. Peter Pace's performance in Miami.

My deceased father, born in 1923, flew P-47 Thunderbolts as part of the 56th Fighter Group participating in bomber escort missions over Germany during WW II. He had three confirmed and four probable victories while logging over 200 combat hours in the air.

If he were alive today I guarantee he would be just a little upset at Pace and the rest of the open borders crowd.

Here's an example of how patriotic my father was.

Prior to his departure for England, his friends and family gave him a going away party.

One of those attending was a high school acquaintance of my father's who, it was rumored, had ties with the Mafia.

He wanted my father to assure him that he would not knowingly shoot down a "Paisan".

My father responded, "If I ever get into a dogfight with a Fascist SOB I'll blow his *** out of the sky."

Following in my father's footsteps I also chose a military career.

I served in Vietnam during 1969. I resent President Bush and the White House who are knowingly, willingly and intentionally selling out America.

Traitors, disguised as public officials, openly commit high crimes and misdemeanors while they peddle their no borders propaganda. They are actively facilitating our Republic's cultural suicide.

Their collusion and betrayal make Benedict Arnold look like he should have gotten a Medal of Honor!


Lt Col Brian A. Cavallo began his military vocation in the Marines (enlisted and commissioned).  Following his return from Southeast Asia he attended school, majoring in Business Administration, at San Diego State.  He continued his career as an army armor officer and served until 1992.

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