A Washington State Reader Calls Schwarzenegger's "Flip-Flop" on Immigration Despicable
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07/26/06 - A Washington State Reader, Italian-American and Lt. Col, Armor, USAR (Ret.) Remembers His Father, A World War II Hero

From:  Arthur Nation [e-mail him]

I just saw California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's performance in San Diego on the evening news.

What a despicable flip-flop to pander to the Latinos by saying he made a "mistake" by voting for Prop 187.

I cannot stand a politician who doesn't represent the people who elected him. Californians that supported Prop 187 were done a great disservice by former Governor Gray Davis who was instrumental in its downfall.

Nation lived in the San Francisco area for over 20 years. He was in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict and stationed at Castle Air Force Base in California's Merced County.

Joe Guzzardi comments on Nation's letter: Schwarzenegger can count on a long, hot summer on the campaign trail unless he changes his tune. According to the governor's remarks, he views people who want border security as "prejudiced." [ Schwarzenegger Heckled On Immigration, By Allison Hoffman, Boston Globe, July 25, 2006]

And Schwarzenegger, who has been back and forth on illegal immigration at least a half dozen times, feebly tried to dodge the question by calling it "a federal issue."

If Schwarzenegger, a Republican, wants to be re-elected in Democratic California here's what I recommend he say: "As the governor of the country's largest state, I promise that if elected in November I will use all my influence with the White House to secure California's border with Mexico to end illegal immigration."

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