A Descendent Of Frontiersmen Says His Ancestors Weren't Immigrants—They Were Conquerors
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10/24/10 - A Washington State Reader Comments On Reports That Senator Patty Murray Has Illegals Canvassing For Her

From: Walt Hingerty [Email him]

Re: James Fulford's blog item: Ellis Island Library Named For White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

I don't think being on the rolls at Ellis Island is much to brag about anyway. My people came before it was built. We weren't immigrants. We were Ulstermen. Married money in Jamestown, inherited a farm in Nansemond County. My Dad gave it to his sister. First person to come here was in 1704. So when people talk about "we're all immigrants", I tell them "I ain't". My Great-Great-Grandpa came as a conqueror.

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