A Washington Lawyer Writes On The IRS, Polygamy And Gay Marriage
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From: A Washington Lawyer [Email him]

According to Forbes tax columnist Peter J Reilly, the IRS has rejected an application for exempt status under 501(d)  to a group of white polygamists in a “private letter ruling” [PDF] specifically because they promote polygamy. The name of the group, and the states whose penal codes they might be violating are all redacted, but Reilly calls it “probably the worst job of redacting that I have even seen” although he doesn’t name the group either. [No Fans Of Sister Wives At The IRS?, Forbes, March 12, 2013]

It is interesting to contrast the hostility of elites/government towards polygamy (a customary arrangement in many societies for millennia) with its embrace of gay marriage (unknown in any society until a few decades ago).

James Fulford writes:  We’ve written a lot about polygamy, it seems, both white (the REDACTED group of polygamists that IRS doesn’t like seems to be the FLDS) Muslim, and Hmong. It’s all objectionable, but it’s only white polygamists who are likely to be rounded up by the authorities.

Muslims, after all, both advocate and commit polygamy within the United States, but no one is denying tax exemptions to their mosques. [Polygamy: Tis The Season? By Wafa Unus, Muslim Link, October 27, 2011]

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