A NY Reader Appreciates Prof. Weissberg; Agrees With Prof. MacDonald
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03/30/09 - A SC Reader Says Desegregation Would Never Have Flown If North Hadn't Thought It Was Limited To South

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Re: "Some Other Memories of Madison and The New Left" By Robert Weissberg

Once I saw Professor Weissberg's byline on VDARE.COM, I knew I was in for a treat.

Every so often when I need to raise my spirits I re-listen to his American Renaissance presentation of a few year's back. In today's article Weissberg's "frequent offers of cash loans a mere 150% monthly interest" to the Outback Goyim brought to mind his telling of how he charmed a polyglot bunch of University of Illinois "students" who were out to lynch him but wound up purchasing various trinkets and haberdashery from him.


Now for the downer. I must say that I have to agree with most of Professor MacDonald's points. I also believe that Weissberg does as well.

Please keep posting Professor Weissberg's articles on VDARE.COM. We need him!

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