A WA State Reader Invites A Taiwanese Visitor To Thanksgiving Dinner
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From:  Brian Riordan (e-mail him)

This Thanksgiving, we are having my wife's cousin over for dinner.

He's here from Taiwan, temporarily, going to law school. It will be his first, and likely only, taste of a traditional American holiday meal.

My Taiwanese-born wife is a wonderful cook. I especially enjoy her pumpkin pies.

Many people probably think those of us who read VDARE.COM and worry about excessive immigration hate foreigners.

Actually, I don't share that sentiment—after all, I married an immigrant.

Aside from the excess population problem that immigration creates, the real problem is that too many immigrants are not proud to become Americans and don't learn our language or practice our values.

When my wife became a citizen, my father gave her a gold Statue of Liberty pendent to celebrate. When my wife was sworn in, I took pictures—it was a glorious moment for our entire family.

But the rest of the new citizens and their families seemed bored—no one took pictures or waved American flags.

For them, being an American is just a technicality which makes it easier for them to make money and bring over their families.

The immigration bureaucrat at the naturalization ceremony gave a pathetic speech—nothing about how great it is to be American, nothing about our great history.

Instead his speech was an anti-white apology for past American racism and discrimination—-something similar to what President Barack Obama might have said.

Riordan, while living in New Mexico, learned about Mexico's corruption and does not want it to "dominate our country" . His previous letters are archived here.

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