A Concerned Reader Hopes The GOP Wins Big In The Senate—But Not So Big That They Pass An Amnesty
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A Concerned Reader [Email him]

I'm in two minds. I hope the GOP wins big in the Senate so Jeff Sessions, Ken Buck, Bob Smith, and  Tom Cotton can marshal 41 votes to filibuster Boehner-McConnell's 2015 Immigration bill.

If the GOP wins 52-55 seats that may be a good thing, if candidates like swing state candidates Ken Buck and Scott Brown or Bob Smith get elected. But if the GOP only wins 51 seats, the tokenism of having the Senate under official control may not be good for Amnesty.

If the GOP only gets 49 Senate Seats. there may be some at-risk Dems in 2016 who vote in a patriotic way on immigration. The House still has to negotiate with Chuck Schumer. Maybe a vote for Alison Grimes (McConnell’s Democratic opponent in the Kentucky Senate race) is a vote for Jeff Sessions as GOP Senate leader. In 2006 the GOP Senate passed Amnesty. In 2007 GOP Minority and red state Dems voted against it.

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