A Missouri Reader Wishes A Texas Reader Good Luck When She Gets To Wichita
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August 23, 2007, 05:00 AM
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From: Keith Carlsen: (e-mail him)

Re: A Texas Reader Says So-Long To The Lone Star State

Having lived in Wichita on three separate occasions, I can state confidently that your Texas reader will be horrified when she gets there.

Wichita has a substantial Mexican population with numerous enclaves.

The largest construction company in Wichita is Cornejo & Sons, whose sombrero-logoed, bright chartreuse trucks are ubiquitous all over town.

I have never seen a single non-obviously-Mexican person in or around those trucks.

There are also significant numbers of Vietnamese in Wichita, primarily from the post-Vietnam refugee programs.

Despite the fact that Wichita`s business base is two-thirds aircraft related—Boeing, Cessna, Learjet and Hawker Beechcraft—virtually none of Wichita`s youth has any desire to learn to fly, design or maintain aircraft 

Instead, many white kids have joined the Latino Dreams Car Club in fulfillment of their only long-term career goal, which is to build low-riders.

Who says Mexicans are wholly intolerant of integration?

Carlsen lives near Columbia, home of the University of Missouri