A Missouri Reader Wishes A Texas Reader Good Luck When She Gets To Wichita
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From: Keith Carlsen: (e-mail him)

Re: A Texas Reader Says So-Long To The Lone Star State

Having lived in Wichita on three separate occasions, I can state confidently that your Texas reader will be horrified when she gets there.

Wichita has a substantial Mexican population with numerous enclaves.

The largest construction company in Wichita is Cornejo & Sons, whose sombrero-logoed, bright chartreuse trucks are ubiquitous all over town.

I have never seen a single non-obviously-Mexican person in or around those trucks.

There are also significant numbers of Vietnamese in Wichita, primarily from the post-Vietnam refugee programs.

Despite the fact that Wichita's business base is two-thirds aircraft related—Boeing, Cessna, Learjet and Hawker Beechcraft—virtually none of Wichita's youth has any desire to learn to fly, design or maintain aircraft 

Instead, many white kids have joined the Latino Dreams Car Club in fulfillment of their only long-term career goal, which is to build low-riders.

Who says Mexicans are wholly intolerant of integration?

Carlsen lives near Columbia, home of the University of Missouri

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