A Virginia Reader Suspects Sierra Club Not Worth Saving; Brenda Walker Reassures Him
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January 17, 2004

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From: A Virginia Reader

Re: Save The Sierra Club From The Treason Lobby—Act Now!

This doesn't sound like a good idea.  This would backfire if unsuccessful, as all of the new $25 payments everyone gives Sierra to join and vote would make it an even more powerful open-borders lobby.  The better solution may be for all environmentalist immigration  reformers to stop funding Sierra and give their money to NumbersUSA instead (they tend to have the strongest environmentalist flavor of all the immigration reform groups). [VDARE.COM note: WHAT ABOUT US??!!!] This way, Sierra will weaken, and NumbersUSA will get stronger, with no chance of immigration reformers' money being used for open-borders lobbying.

Brenda Walker writes reassuringly: Some very dedicated conservationists have been busting their chops for years to redeem the Sierra Club. Is a little support too much to ask? This campaign offers a unique opportunity to remind Washington and the Green Establishment that immigration causes enormous environmental harm and Americans across the political spectrum want it to end.

For example, who could have imagined just a few years ago that our national parks could have become so dangerous because of criminal aliens? Border parks are now menaced by violent Mexican drug smugglers, endangering both rangers and campers seeking a little quiet respite from cities. Mexican drug growers have also taken over parts of Sequioia Park to grow patches of marijuana which are guarded by armed thugs carrying AK-47s.

The Sierra Club previously held a very sensible position on immigration and American population growth. There's no reason why it can't again. For all its faults, the organization offers a degree of democracy not available elsewhere. Where else does the membership get to choose the board of directors?

Now to the math.  The Sierra Club budget currently runs in the seventy million dollars range. Even thousands of additional $25 memberships will not put the club in substantially higher clover. But just a few thousand votes can change the outcome. Last year, for example, fewer than nine percent of members participated in the board election. The top candidate received a mere 28,814 votes.

Your vote is important. Join NOW!

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