A British Reader Compares The Bush And Blair Betrayals
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January 16, 2004

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Another Reader Reports Feedback To GOP On Bush Betrayal

From:  A British Reader

What Bush is doing to the American people is what Blair is doing to the British. Our Prime Minister signed an agreement to allow up to 73,000,000 people from 10 enlargement countries of the European Union. Other than Ireland no other country signed up. France and Germany wouldn't because of their fear for their labour markets.

The ones who come to Britain will be eligible for free housing and welfare benefits of all kinds, including pensions—foreign pensioners will end up better off than our own who have paid into the system for years. This government has also allowed, no actively encouraged, mass asylum seeking, all entitled to benefits under the EU laws, which this country observes to the letter, 80 percent of our laws come from the EU.

There are laws calling for reunification for Third World immigrants, meaning their families and extended families can join them, and they don't have to have a job.

Americans appear to think that Blair is a great guy, I can assure you he isn't. He'll only be satisfied when England is a region of Europe, and the name England ceases to exist.

A lot of British are so fed up with Labour that they have gone to live abroad. Thousands are leaving every year, but the numbers are made up by immigrants and asylum seekers. 359,000 British left from 2001-2003.

The PC Leeches have brainwashed the British people into believing that everything they say or do is racist.

I have every sympathy with the American people, as Bush seems to be doing the same as Blair, and what Bush is doing is on a par with the European Union's blueprint for immigrants.

Stand up for yourselves now, before it goes too far, you'll regret it if you don't. The people of Britain seem to be waking up at last. I fear it's too late for us. But it's not for you.

Good luck!

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