A Virginia Reader Recommends A Pre-PC History Of The Old West
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08/15/10 - An Upstate New York Reader Adds That Mexicans Want "Reconquista" On Lands They Never Conquered In The First Place (The Seventh Cavalry Had To Do It)

From: "Augustus McRae" [Email him]

Re: An Upstate New York Reader Adds That Mexicans Want "Reconquista" On Lands They Never Conquered In The First Place (The Seventh Cavalry Had To Do It)

I'd like to recommend a great book to all readers of VDARE.COM that addresses this very same topic. The title is Bravos Of The West, by John Myers Myers. This is the paperback edition, reprinted from the original 1962 edition, titled The Deaths of the Bravos, by Little, Brown and Company, Boston.

I read this fine book a number of years ago, and it still sits on my bookshelf—being one of the best accounts of the period of American history that dealt with the frontier expansion and the exploration and settlement of the Southwest and other areas of the frontier.

In essence, Upstate New York Reader is exactly correct. The territories of the great Southwest might have been "claimed" by Mexico or by Spain at one point—but, due to the ferocity of the Indian tribes who inhabited those areas and the rampant cowardice and weak-kneed incompetence on the battlefield of Mexicans against this Indian threat—those lands remained unpopulated and unsettled by any appreciable number of Mexicans.

 It wasn't until the white man—who in those days, at least, was a breed of determined and courageous fighters—began to move into the Southwest that the Indian threats were eventually resolved and the territories made safe for further settlement and expansion.

Once the white man had removed the threat of constant Indian attacks, then the Mexican government suddenly decides that they want their land back? Ha. Who made it safe to live in? Not Mexicans, that's for sure.

 So, might I ask a glaringly obvious question? Why are white men and women today apologizing for our ancestors' victories? And, what is the real motivation that drives the Cultural Marxist indoctrinated Left to attempt to make whites feel "guilty" for defeating the Indians and claiming this land for our people?

I take great pride in those victories by my ancestors, but that doesn't mean that I can't profess respect for the formidable fighting talents of our defeated enemy. But I am glad whites won and Indians lost.

And anyone who's white and who feels otherwise is a product of the last 40-50 years of white guilt brainwashing by the Cultural Marxist, anti-white enemies of this nation.

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