An Upstate New York Reader Adds That Mexicans Want "Reconquista" On Lands They Never Conquered In The First Place (The Seventh Cavalry Had To Do It)
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From: Upstate New York Reader (Email him)

Re: An Upstate New York Reader Reads American Indian History—Including A Book You Can't Get From The Library

A further comment: one of the things that I found in reading about the American West, and its settlement by (mostly Anglo-Saxon) whites, is that vast areas of what was part of the Mexican Cession and the Gadsen Purchase, were never truly settled or colonized by the Spanish or Mexico. There were a few forts and missions in New Mexico, but few settlers. As a matter of historical fact, one of the main reasons for both the Cession and, especially, the Gadsden Purchase, was to protect Mexico from cross-border raids by Apache and Comanche Indians. The U.S. had the military ability and political will to do so. The Spanish, and after them, the Mexicans, did not. More importantly, it had the courageous, determined, and occasionally foolhardy people willing to venture into these areas and live there.

What I am getting to is that Mexico never really "owned" these lands (Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Colorado, California, etc.), except in the broadest sense. There is nothing to reconquer. (Of course, we paid about $25,000,000—about $640 million in today's money—for these. I'm sure the checks were cashed.)

Not that La Raza and the other ignorant proponents of "Reconquista" care about historical truth.

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