A Virginia Nationalist Reports Michael Barone's New Source Of Vibrant, Entrepreneurial Immigrants: Sub-Saharan Africa
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From: “Virginia Nationalist” [Email him]

Recently, I have been lurking, and actually posting a few comments on NRO.  Mark Steyn does write some good articles and I hope he does not suffer the same fate as John Derbyshire.  But most of the articles at NRO are so lame that one wonders why anyone would write them, and who would be so bored as to actually read them?

Then, as I was about to turn in but what do I see but a midnight posting from immigration cultist Michael Barone.  [Message him on Twitter] One would hope that he would lay off the immigration jihad when America is in a recession and has high un/under-employment as well.  Barone’s article contains the usual change-in-demographics, feel-good nonsense that we would expect from him.  His revelation that “America is getting to look a lot more like Texas, and that’s one trend that I hope continues.” emphasizes the (low paying) job growth there without revealing the growth of many negative attributes in that state. 

However, the shocker was the following statement from Barone:

“But the next big immigration source, I think, will be sub-Saharan Africa. We may end up with prominent politicians who actually were born in Kenya.”

[Are We at a Demographic Turning Point? |America is starting to look more like Texas, By Michael Barone June 4, 2012]

Well, is this font of new immigration something Barone is predicting—or actually desires?!?! 

Considering, the violence, disease, low educational attainment, and corruption rampant in that part of the world only a national masochist would desire an influx of population from there.  It is easy to infer from the article that Barone is looking for new, low skilled immigrants to replace the Hispanic flow that he claims is falling off (NOT!). 

It would be unsettling if Barone has the inside information on this new potential immigration trend that the rest of the nation does not.

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