A Village Voice Editor Protests That He's Not A Journolista
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Re: Anonymous Attorney's blog item Village Voice on Insane Whites

From: Foster Kamer [Email him]

Say what you will about me, and whatever I write, but facts are facts, and it's libelous to accuse me of being on Journolist, which I never was. [See The Village Voice Finally Makes Journolist!, By Foster Kamer, July 26 2010]

James Fulford writes: We've noted this in the original item, and linked to Mr. Kamer's item, and I can believe him because the essence of Journolist is that people were having discussions in secret about  suppressing facts that would embarrass Obama, and plotting underhanded attacks on the Right.

The Village Voice, by contrast, has always been extremely open about its agenda. Laurence Chua's 1995 Voice review of Peter Brimelow's Alien Nation said

"We might dismiss the rantings of Peter Brimelow as delusional paranoia. But the truth is, it's more of a desperate gasp. As multinational development schemes like NAFTA and GATT continue to degrade the quality of Third World life, more and more people are being displaced. We take our acts across oceans in order to survive. Our survival depends on the destruction of the privilege Brimelow is so desperate to defend. His fear is justified. We will bury him."

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