An Arizona Patriot Calls Grijalva`s Office; Gets Hung Up On!
May 02, 2010, 05:00 AM
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From: Alexander Kellner (e-mail him)

Re: Peter Brimelow`s Appeal: Help VDARE.COM Resist Grijalva`s Reconquista

As a Tucson resident, my Congressman is Raul Grijalva.

I phoned Grijalva`s office to protest his disgraceful condemnation of S.B. 1070 and his demand to boycott Arizona which would merely hurt the state`s already struggling citizens.

Once the purpose of my call became apparent, Grijalva`s staffer hung up on me.

My family has lived and worked in Arizona since it became a state in 1912. Yet we are no longer allowed to exercise our First Amendment right to express dissent.

America is in grave trouble.

Kellner is a small businessman.