A Veteran Says The Real Culprit In The Immigrant Invasion Is Our Own Government
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Re: James Fulford's blog post  A Reader Compares The Treason Lobby To Kent Brockman

From: Richard Allen (e-mail him)  

My take on this has always been: our enemies don't need invasion fleets with their planes, ships, paratroopers, and soldiers.

Our enemies have the US government with its Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 importing our enemies right here amongst US citizens—and the US government tells us we better like it or else.

Not only that, the government gives them money, housing, education, jobs, and puts them on equal footing with US citizens, many of them voting.

The US government refuses to protect our borders, deport illegals, and puts US border guards in prison if they try to defend or protect our borders. It's all absolutely preposterous. Only in the US.

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Allen, who is retired and lives outside of Atlanta, was born in Florida, fought in Vietnam during two tours, attended college on the GI bill, graduated and worked for the government for 22 years

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