A VDARE.com Reader At Rutgers Says He Started The "Trump, Trump, Trump" Chant At The Milo Protest
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Re:“TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!” –Donald Trump As Anti-PC Rallying Cry

From: A VDARE.com Reader At Rutgers [Email him]

Tuesday night, I attended a lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos, a British journalist best known for his role in the "Gamergate" controversy of 2014. The lecture, a part of Milo's "Dangerous Faggot Tour," was held in Scott Hall at Rutgers University, a school I attended from 2008 to 2012.

Milo Yiannopoulos is a man who means many things to many different people. But to me, and to many others who consider ourselves fans of our beloved "Milo", he is nothing short of a heroic figure. In a time when the Cultural Left has dominated nearly every factor of life, from media to the military, Milo, through his keen sense of aestheticism and sharp sense of wit, has served the role of the White Rabbit in bringing a generation of disaffected millennials into the Alice in Wonderland like world of the Alternative Right.

And, no, this is not your father's conservatism. Far from it. It's something strange, new, and mutable. A counter-current to the brutal, as Attack the System’s Keith Preston wonderfully dubs it, "Totalitarian Humanism" that has snaked its way into the minds of millions, is destroying American identity, and putting 20-something European-Americans on a path towards accepting a future country in which they are dissolved into non-existence through the process of declining birth rates and demographic replacement.

We do not hate other groups of people, but we understand our own dilemma, outlined in The Death of the West by Pat Buchanan, that we are on a path to a radically different America, a America in which we are not welcome if we continue to hold dear to our identity and values.

Milo jokingly refers to Donald Trump as “Daddy,” and in a way, Trump serves the role of the father figure for this movement. There is a reason why people as different as Ann Coulter, Mark Cuban, Kevin MacDonald, Michael Savage, Stefan Molyneux, and Sarah Palin all support The Donald. He seems to be the only force capable of demolishing the ideological matrix that has brainwashed millions of Americans.

At Milo’s event, there were many of us wearing “Make America Great Again” hats. For us, the disaffected millennial bunch, the policies of Trump do not matter as much as his force does. Many members of the “Trump Youth” are unapologetically European-American, like Donald himself. Having spent the last few years in a world where “white privilege” has become an accepted reality, and identity itself has become a choice rather than something that was given to you by your ancestral culture, we are desperate for change. Yes, this is an erratic maneuver. Yes, this is reactionary. But we have tried to play nice for too long.

I’m reminded of a line from the Patrick Swayze film, “Road House”, “I want you to be nice until it’s time not to be nice.”

On Tuesday night, it was time not to be nice. Protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement sat in on the lecture, screaming, chanting, and interrupting the courteous and patient Milo throughout his speech. At one point, after a somewhat stinging remark about “safe spaces” from Milo, a young white woman in the audience shouted, “This man represents hatred,” and then covered her face with red paint. The audience reacted, a shouting match ensued, and then the Black Lives Matter protesters got up again and began to chant the name of their organization.

I understand the reclamation of identity pushed forward by the Black Lives Matter movement, and I also understand the frustration many African-Americans feel living in the United States. However, the Black Lives Matter movement is ineffective in both their conduct and the examples of the lives they choose to cast as martyrs. The names Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown ring through the American consciousness, but in both of these examples, there is a huge question mark around “what actually happened.” There are examples of black men and women who have been clearly murdered by police officers, but these names are not pushed forward by the BLM agenda. Black Lives Matter seems to purposely martyr individual cases in which one must “pick a side.” And it’s clear which side they would like you to pick.

A better name and overall message for the movement would be “End Police Brutality”, as there have been are many cases of police violence in the United States, perpetrated against people of all races. But, alas, thinking “white lives matter” is a “racist” according to our BLM friends.

The protesters were reacting throughout the lecture, but it was the surge of both the Feminist “performance art” and the Black Lives Matter chant that caused me to snap. The feminists interrupted Milo, but then Black Lives Matter co-opted the moment from them. It was pandemonium and had to stop. I stood up, and felt a wave of energy harness over me, and began to shout the name of the God King Emperor Trump. My fellow Milo supporters carried the chant forward, and in a matter of seconds, we overpowered the screams of the protesters and sent them out of the room.

To stand with people who not only shared my identity and values, but shared them with pride, was an amazing and enlightening experience. The PC Matrix seemed like it had finally began to dissipate. We just need a few more brave souls to join our ranks.

Trump is more than a presidential candidate. His name is a rallying cry for Nationalism, for populism, for a distaste of political correctness, and of a hatred for the Establishment that rules over us, and the agenda they enforce. Let’s keep shouting it.

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