A U.S. Coast Guard Officer (Retd.) Says Super Delegates Mean "Another Crooked Fiasco"
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03/30/08 - A Liberal Reader Explains The Downside Of Single Issue Candidates

From: Phillip T. Williamson, II (e-mail him)

Re: Marcus Epstein's Column: Obama Has A Dream—But Does It Include You?

All VDARE.COM's concern about Barack Obama's presidential qualifications, as witnessed by the thousands of words written in dozens of your columns and blogs, may come to naught.

Election 2008 is shaping up to be another crooked fiasco just like 2000 and 2004.

First it was "chads" in Florida, next came "provisional ballots" in Ohio, and now "Super Delegates" for 2008.[Courting Super Delegates at Dem's State Meeting, By John Wildermuth, San Francisco Chronicle, March 31, 2008]

It's way past time to abolish the "Super Antiquated" Electoral College. Let's put all the party candidates on the ballot similar to what has been done in some European countries.

The candidate, regardless of party, who receives the majority of the popular vote becomes president, the runner up gets the vice presidential spot, and the third place vote getter is made the Speaker of the House. 

Williamson, who occasionally substitute teaches, lives in Florida. He was a Master Chief Petty Officer.

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