A TX Reader Says An English Economist Has The Right Idea About American Immigration Policy
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From: Jerry Lane (e-mail him)

Re: The Washington Watcher's Column: Why The Gutierrez Bill Is So Bad—And Why It Might Pass Anyway

Martin Wolf, head economic correspondent for the Financial Times, recently wrote in that publication:

"I, for one, have no difficulty with arguing that immigration is a privilege, not a right. Most people agree. We are then, inescapably, in the messy world of having to decide how – and on what principles – to control immigration.

"My view is that the interests of the existing citizens are of decisive weight, though we should also place some weight, too, on the interests of immigrants." [Time for a Debate on Immigration, by Martin Wolf, Financial Times, November 6, 2009]

Wolf is right on! (Congratulate him)

Until Congress and the White House make it clear that they place American interests first and that they are ready to create immigration policy around it, and that they can control the borders as well as pursue interior enforcement of their own laws, Americans are going to be very scared for their future.

And the Gutierrez bill is looking down a precipice.

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