A Florida Reader Can't Find Refuge From The Refugees
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From: Lurlene (e-mail her)

Re: Don Collins Column: Haiti—The Ultimate Symbol Of The Planet Earth's Headlong Plunge To Disaster

Collins wrote: 

"This grisly Haitian situation epitomizes the kind of future that many,    including me, have been predicting for years—unless we empower women and give them the means to regulate their fertility." 

Collins overlooked that men should be empowered too—because, after all, women do not get pregnant by themselves. 

On a related subject, a friend emailed that she had just read that the Red Cross has airlifted 2,000 Haitians into Orlando and is planning to bring 45,000 more to Florida with Obama's support. 

And what other cities will they go to?  

Every natural disaster in the Caribbean brings more immigrants, many of questionable background, into Florida. This has been going on since the Cuban crisis. 

In Miami, the Caribbean "temporary guests" were soon openly challenging us. They said: "This is our town now. If you don't like it you can get out!" 

We did! Now we live in Central Florida, near Orlando. But the Haitians are coming. So it looks like we may soon have to move again. 

Lurlene is a native Floridian. 

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