A Turkish Reader Wants Some Non-Progressive Immigration Reformers
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A Reader Defends John Podhoretz in His On-Going Argument with Steve Sailer about Immigration

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Brenda Walker's Column: Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony…It May Be Your Last

A thought just passed my mind – and it is not a criticism.

And that thought is, how ironic that the bulk of the anti-immigration work on VDARE.COM is now being carried out by people of "progressive" conviction.

I have no doubts now that Ms. Walker is of the left-wing persuasion though she may not say that in so many words.

All the "values" she seems to support are the "progressive" ones.

This may be VDARE.COM's strategic choice — and I do know the meaning of the word coalition — but I find it really disheartening that there are so few conservatives and/or libertarians around these days willing to defend the genuine Western values (the "non-progressive" ones).

Frankly, I may be in the minority but the last thing I want is to listen to why it is dangerous to have non-Westerners immigrate to the West from a woman who praises the fact that thanks to progressivism women now outnumber men in higher education.

It really is all very depressing.


As I write this in an office in Ankara, wherever I turn my head, I see a rape or an honor killing—unlike, that is, in the ultra-modern cities of America (such as New York) where women can walk the streets freely and safely even after midnight, all thanks to "progressivism".

I've also heard that right in the middle of Asian Steppes where the archaic Turkic tribes still live as nomads (a totally "unprogressive" backwater of godforsaken lands-in-the-middle-of-nowhere), there's a rape every other second.

Perhaps Steve Sailer should look into this issue.

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