A Turkish Reader Wants Some Non-Progressive Immigration Reformers
February 16, 2006, 04:00 AM
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A Reader Defends John Podhoretz in His On-Going Argument with Steve Sailer about Immigration

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Brenda Walker`s Column: Happy Birthday, Susan B. Anthony…It May Be Your Last

A thought just passed my mind – and it is not a criticism.

And that thought is, how ironic that the bulk of the anti-immigration work on VDARE.COM is now being carried out by people of "progressive" conviction.

I have no doubts now that Ms. Walker is of the left-wing persuasion though she may not say that in so many words.

All the "values" she seems to support are the "progressive" ones.

This may be VDARE.COM`s strategic choice — and I do know the meaning of the word coalition — but I find it really disheartening that there are so few conservatives and/or libertarians around these days willing to defend the genuine Western values (the "non-progressive" ones).

Frankly, I may be in the minority but the last thing I want is to listen to why it is dangerous to have non-Westerners immigrate to the West from a woman who praises the fact that thanks to progressivism women now outnumber men in higher education.

It really is all very depressing.


As I write this in an office in Ankara, wherever I turn my head, I see a rape or an honor killing—unlike, that is, in the ultra-modern cities of America (such as New York) where women can walk the streets freely and safely even after midnight, all thanks to "progressivism".

I`ve also heard that right in the middle of Asian Steppes where the archaic Turkic tribes still live as nomads (a totally "unprogressive" backwater of godforsaken lands-in-the-middle-of-nowhere), there`s a rape every other second.

Perhaps Steve Sailer should look into this issue.