A Reader Defends John Podhoretz in His On-Going Argument with Steve Sailer about Immigration
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Re: Sailer on Pod 2.0, Booing, Jewish Immigration Reformers

Sailer describes John Podhoretz being booed (by a Jewish group) when he talked about immigration policy

Podhoretz said his views on immigration were shaped by the refusal of various countries to take Jews in the pre-Hitler period.  I think he raised a very valid issue. 

In his book The Four Front War, William Perl talks of how he and a small group of people tried to get boats to take Jews out of Nazi occupied Europe (and areas that were soon to be occupied by the Nazis) to Palestine

Since they ruled Palestine at the time and did not want to offend the Arabs, the British tried to prevent this. Perl points out that the British could have allowed Jews to go to Canada, South Africa, and Australia, which at the time were not over-populated.  But the Anglosphere did not allow that either. 

The question is, when people are fleeing for their lives do you let them into your country?  It's not a simple issue, but I would lean to a 'Yes' answer. 

After all, if I were rowing a boat and a drowning man tried to get to into it, I should give him a hand up.

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