A Texas Reader Says Paul Craig Roberts Writes About Immigration—Even When He Doesn't
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From: Michael Johnson (e-mail him)

Re: Paul Craig Roberts Column: The End is Near!—Gisele Bundchen (Pictures Supplied) Dumps Dollar

A number of VDARE.COM readers have bashed Roberts. Among their other complaints is that he doesn't write about immigration, VDARE.COM's main area of interest.

Often, however, Dr. Roberts does write about immigration—indirectly.

In his recent column, complete with the happy addition of Gisele's photo, Roberts showed his sense of humor even though an economic disaster brought about by the dollar's collapse might be looming.

And, by commenting on Bundchen's refusal to accept dollars, Roberts' article had an important immigration connection.

Last July, James Fulford blogged about some Brazilians less celebrated than Gisele. They were the illegal aliens in Massachusetts who planned to return home.

Fulford emphasized the immigration enforcement aspect of the story. It seemed to me, however, that the illegals main complaint was the low exchange rate. The dollars they were making weren't giving them enough purchasing power back home to make their self-imposed exile worthwhile.

Our Monopoly money is already so worthless that not even illegal aliens want it.

With the dollar now slightly lower than whale excrement, it's hard to imagine that many more people will take the trouble to sneak across our border. If the dollar falls so far that the government can't support its welfare clientele, the potential upheaval from the masses in all of our large cities will propel nearly all immigrants, legal and illegal, back to their homelands.

Even some WASPs whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower might bug out.

So hang out the "Mission Accomplished!" sign. The Bush administration has, in spite of itself, solved our immigration problem

Regrettably, however, this isn't the solution most of us would have chosen.  

Johnson is a software engineer in Houston who writes that he expects to try his hand at subsistence farming in the near future. His previous letters reflecting a disdain for Democrats are here and here. A third letter about racial differences is here.

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