A Korean War Vet Says Springsteen May Have A Good Heart…But He Has No Right To Give Away America
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From: Bill Millette (e-mail him)

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Say It Isn't So! Bruce Springsteen Is An Open Borders Advocate!

I am from an older generation—the "Boss" does absolutely nothing for me, so I hold no sadness at criticizing him.

On the other hand, Springsteen may be a generous fellow and he deserves credit for that. There are many people in America whose pro-illegal immigration stance comes from love and a good heart.

But while Springsteen's heart may be in the right place, and while he may donate his time and his largesse to needy people, he has no business trying to give away the America that many, including myself, have served and risked our lives for.

Millette, who was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in Georgia, served in the U.S. Navy and worked for IBM for 31-years. He writes that he "is anti-illegal immigration and opposed to the people who, like Teddy Kennedy, support them." Adds Millette: "if God would let me turn back the clock 40 years, I would volunteer to help our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan."

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