A Texas Reader Points Out That Soledad O'Brien Doesn't Qualify As Underprivileged—Her Whole Family Went To Harvard
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Soledad OBrien

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Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Is Silicon Valley Racist? CNN Wants To Know!

From: Roger Chaillet [Email him]

Too bad Steve Sailer didn't mention Soledad O'Brien's Harvard pedigree.

Not only does she have a Harvard pedigree, but so too do her five siblings. [Wikipedia, November 5, 2011]

Are we to believe that Soledad's race, ethnicity and gender had nothing to do with her getting accepted to Harvard? Ditto for her siblings.

And if she was unqualified academically to attend Harvard and only got in because of the above, then what does this say about the almost complete dearth of blacks in Silicon Valley?

See previous letters from Roger Chaillet.

James Fulford writes: For all I know, Ms. O’Brien actually is bright enough to attend Harvard, but she does obviously get a couple of points for her ethnicity, which is fairly nominal. Steve Sailer described her as a “nice looking white woman who claims to be a black and Hispanic twofer.”

However, she herself said that her success hereditary:

Every single O’Brien kid is a Harvard grad. Soledad attributes that feat to having chosen the right parents.”. [Hispanic Magazine.com, June/July 2005]

Now, what she meant by that was something about immigrants and inspiration, and how her “parents just assumed we could do anything if we worked hard enough” but of course, choosing inspirational parents won’t get you into Harvard.

You have to choose fairly bright parents, because intelligence is hereditary, or parents entitled to special privileges, (also hereditary) or some combination thereof.

“Choosing the right parents" is why both George W. Bush and Barack Obama were elected President.


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