A California Reader Is More Interested In What Herman Cain Was DOING When He Was Working For The National Restaurant Association Cheap Labor Lobbyists
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Correct me if I'm wrong but does not the NRA(National Restaurant  Association) engage in similar lobbying activities to the National Association of Realtors (ignore illegal immigration and fraud loans) and the National Association of Manufacturers (ignore illegal immigration and promote more of it)

And when I say "similar lobbying activities" I mean basically bribe Congress to

  1. Promote mass immigration
  2. Ignore illegal immigration and
  3. Provide free stuff for the immigrant free stuff army?

Why is everybody worried about Cain's alleged harassmentwhen he was president of an organization whose primary job was bribing Congress to promote mass criminal Socialist invasion? Please correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't NAR's primary lobbying activity to promote mass immigration?

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