A Texas Reader Is Unimpressed By The Vibrancy Of Mexican Taco Stand Cuisine—Because It May Involve Dog Meat
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Re: James Fulford's blog post Will Stancil's Taco Fetish—He Doesn't Know (And Wouldn't Admit) That Immigrants Don't Know About The Germ Theory Of Disease

From: A Texan Reader [Email him]

I once lived in Teague, Texas (pop under 5000), about 25 minutes east of a bigger town called Mexia.

My black yardman warned me not to buy anything from the taco trucks in Mexia. He told me that the Mexican operator would catch stray dogs, butcher them & use the meat for his tacos.

I NEVER buy from mobile taco stands.
James Fulford writes: I'm aware that many Asians have culture of eating dog meat, but I kind of thought this might be an urban legend. Then I Googled it. (Something the entire US press corp refused to do when Trump mentioned that Mexican illegals were rapists.)  

Then there's this:

To be clear, this kind of thing is illegal in Mexico (see the police Twitter below) and not appreciated by the customers. People in Tijuana were staying away from Chinese restaurants in droves. But the reader is right to be wary of random street food provided by random Mexican illegals. It's really not safe.

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