A Texas Reader Has A Theory About Texas Coverage Of The Latest Fort Hood Shooter
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Re: James Fulford’s Puerto Rican Shooter At Fort Hood: Despite "Commonwealth" Status, It's Still Immigrant Mass Murder

An Anonymous Anglo [Email him]

James Fulford’s post on the  recent shooting  at Fort Hood noted that one MSM source (KSAT San Antonio) actually mentioned in the headline that the shooter was  Puerto Rican  and speculated  that they were saying it wasn’t  "another Sudden Jihad attack, like this last one” and that  "It’s possible that that was why KSAT headlined it—to say that the Muslims were innocent, this time."

Officials: Fort Hood shooter was from Puerto Rico, ID'd as Ivan Lopez

4 dead in Fort Hood shooting, including gunman; 16 wounded

KSAT, Associated Press

Published On: Apr 02 2014

I think the answer may be simpler than that. Given the demographics of San Antonio (63 percent Hispanic) and the name of the shooter (Ivan Lopez) I think that KSAT was telling its audience "Don't worry folks, the shooter wasn't Mexican, he was Puerto Rican."

A number of years ago I worked in the area with blue collar men of all three of the main Texas races; white, black and Mexican. Every day at lunch somebody would flip through the police reports in the papers and whenever the subject of someone being arrested or doing something stupid came up the first question was inevitably "What [race] was he?"

When the race of the offender was announced those of the other two races would always laugh and crack jokes at those of the offending race and say things like, "What's wrong with your nation?" (meaning race).

I know that for many Mexicans whenever a mass shooting occurs their first thought is, "I hope he's not Mexican" much like my first thought is always "I hope he's not white." While there is probably no shortage of left wing white twits hoping for a white shooter, I suspect that most (Mexican) people in San Antonio were worried that the shooter was Mexican and KSAT was just subtly calming their fears

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