A Concerned Reader Is Shedding No Tears For Open Borders GOP Rep. Vance McCallister
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From: A Concerned Reader [Email him]

Vance McAllister, the Louisiana Republican Congressman caught on video kissing a staffer is not a conservative. (See Shut Up and Resign Already,  The Other McCain,  April 7, 2014 if you haven’t heard about this scandal.)

McAllister supports expanding Medicaid and Amnesty. He got elected with the help of Duck Dynasty, Democrats and low turnout. See New Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister Becomes 29th House Republican to Support Citizenship, by Van Le, America’s Voice,  November 18, 2013.

James Fulford writes: It seems that McAllister was doing to his constituents the same thing he was doing (allegedly, for legal reasons) to his female staffer(s).

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