A California Reader Says The Hedge Fund Guys Who Started The Minority Mortgage Meltdown Want Your Tax Dollars
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From: Steve Smith [Email him]

Reuters reports

New group wants investors protected in Fannie, Freddie wind-down, Reuters, April 7, 2014

A new organization called the Coalition for Mortgage Security launched a campaign on Monday calling for winding down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a way that does not harm the shareholders of the bailed-out mortgage companies.

The material used in the campaign mirrors the arguments of hedge funds battling the U.S. government over the value of their shares in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac preferred stock. The group, which describes itself as a bipartisan, grassroots organization, declined to comment on its funding sources. It named Ken Blackwell, a senior U.S. housing official under President H.W. Bush, as its director. [More, links added.]

These people invested in criminal invasion and loan fraud (now they want their money back).

Odds are pretty good they're gonna get some money back from our prostitute Senate.

Ideally people who invest in invasion and fraud and lose money should not only lose their investment but possibly face criminal charges, but not in America.

The entire US Subprime Housing Bubble was one giant immigration funding fraud and the fraud is still continuing. 

And every American taxpayer is now an involuntary donor investor, whether you want to, or can afford it or not. 

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James Fulford writes: Below is the photograph used to illustrate the new “Coalition”s web page. I presume this stock photo is supposed to represent mortgage borrowers, many of whom are (a) minority and (b) "hardest hit" by the Minority Mortgage Meltdown. Ken Blackwell, who's leading the "Coalition" is also black. He was Undersecretary of HUD under Bush, Sr, and I believe you more or less have to be black to be Undersecretary of HUD

But as even Reuters can figure out, this is not designed for mortgage borrowers, it's for the benefit of "shareholders of the bailed-out mortgage companies," I. E. rich white people, plutocrats who are once again trying to socialize their costs while privatizing profits..


A California Reader Says The Hedge Fund Guys Who Started The Minority Mortgage Meltdown Want Your Tax Dollars

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