A Federal Employee Notes That DHS Is Censoring "White Identity"
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Re: Jared Taylor On White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century

From: A federally employed anonymous reader [Email him]

This probably won't surprise you, but the Department of Homeland Security has blocked internet access to the publisher handling Jared Taylor's new book, ""White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century."

I work part-time for FEMA,, as a reservist. I'm working at [Redacted] When I went to order Taylor's book online, using a FEMA computer going through a FEMA internet firewall, this is what came up:

Your request http://www.amren.com/store/white-identity.html was denied because of its content categorization: "Violence/Hate/Racism"

I will be ordering Taylor's book when I get home next month!

James Fulford writes: This is caused by a filtering company called WebSense— "Violence/Hate/Racism" is their way of putting  it. They do a lot of censorship of government computers:

In 2008 I wrote about

"Websense—a large multinational, with offices all over, including the Republic of Ireland. Their site lookup tool is here, and you can phone them at 1 800.723.1166, or email them here. We had to write them a letter at one point, and also submit a change request to their website. Anti-censorware activist Bennett Haselton found in when he checked in 2006 that they classified us as something innocuous—and immediately tried to change that, see my blog And This Is How We Repay Them."

This filtering also affects soldiers—Allan Wall couldn't access VDARE.com when he was on active duty in Texas, preparing to go to Iraq. It also affects sailors—including, believe it or not, passengers on the Disney Wonder. And it's a really stupid idea.

After all, if we were actually enemies of the state, you'd think they'd want the Federal Government to know about us.

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