A Tennessee Woman Notes Another Underreported Case Of Minority Defalcation
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Re: A Florida Reader Writes About Race, Motherhood, And The Massive Black Tax Fraud Case In Florida You Never Heard Of

From: Susan in Tennessee [Email her]

You're right. Up here in Tennessee, we have never heard of this case. But we do have Birdie Anderson (above)a black female Army veteran who conned the Department of Veterans Affairs out of about 360,000.dollars to allegedly help homeless female veterans and spent most of the money on gambling. This fraud only got two years of federal time.  [Woman gets 2 years for misusing $364K for homeless vets, By Maranda Faris, The Tennessean, April 18, 2014] If I had been the judge, especially being a veteran myself, I would have given her twenty years! But middle Tennessee is full of namby pamby libtards, which is one of the reasons -I live in a rural area now, and not in Nashville itself.

I'm no longer surprised by what blacks do.

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