A Tennessee Reader Suggests A New Word For The Enemy: "Ameriphobes"
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From: Kit Brewer (e-mail him)

I'd like to introduce a new word into the American conversation—"Ameriphobe"

I would define "Ameriphobe" as a person who would act in the best interests of foreigners at the expense of his fellow Americans. Ameriphobes can be conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat.

I introduce this word to counteract the word "xenophobe" which the multiculturalists use so effectively against us. The "phobe" or "phobic" at the end brands us as not just wrong, but unreasonable to the point of being psychotic. Never mind the the rational arguments of avoiding economic, environmental and cultural ruin, the term "xenophobe" makes us seem clinically deviant. It's easy to dismiss the arguments of a clinically deviant person.

We've been using the word "traitor" to counter attack, but I think the term "Ameriphobe" would cause some people (at least the literate) to pause and think about the word's meaning and cast the multiculturalists, not patriots, as being the clinically ill deviants that should be locked up after the coming cultural revolution.

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